Divine Loving Angels

Contact us if you or a loved one...

* Are recovering from an illness or hospitalization and need help while you regain your strength.

* Need someone to help run errands or take you to appointments.

* Need assistance getting dressed and showering.

* Need help with housework, laundry and grocery shopping.

* A current Caretaker and needs assistance with your love ones’ daily needs or just need a break .

* Have a terminal illness and wish to remain at home.

* Are at risk for falls and need assistance ambulating.

* Has physical disabilities or suffering with altered mental status and needs supervision.

* Has short or long term disabilities and need assistance.

* Lives in an assisted living facility and need assistance with daily activities.

An easy way to get started with our
home care services!

Only four easy steps

1. Initial contact

On your initial contact, you will speak to a knowledgeable staff member. After collecting the relevant information, an appointment can be made for a FREE, no obligation home assessment. Contact us today at: 901-443-5066 or pre-register for consultation by clicking on link below:

2. Free home care assessment

The initial in-home assessment focuses on determining the safety risks and challenges facing a client. It is also an opportunity to find out as much as possiible about your needs, home care issues and what type of qualities you are looking for in a caregiver.

3. Care Plan

A Personalized Care Plan will then be presented, and agreed upon by all parties, before Matching a client to a suitable caregiver. Care planning, refers to a three- part process that includes: 1) Identifying issues that negatively impact an individual's life 2) Prioritizing desired outcomes, and 3) Determining the interventions, services, and resources needed to reach the chosen goals.

4. Matching caregivers

Matching the most suitable caregiver for you and ensuring that you, or your loved one, is in the best possible care givers hands. The match will be based on primary language, personalities and personal preferences (likes and dislikes) and skill requirements, certifications etc.