Who Are We

The professional Loving Angels care team that delivers expert, compassionate, and personal care.

Our Mission

Is to provide freedom lifestyles and independent living. 

What We Do

Provide services with exceptional care and loving hearts. 

About Us

                                 Divine Loving Angels Affordable Caregivers, LLC is an In-Home care family business in Memphis, Tennessee and surrounding areas.

    Our family has worked various ways (RN, LPN, CNA) in the medical field for over thirty plus years in places such as hospitals, nursing homes, home health, dialysis clinics etc.

    We have chosen to open and operate our own in-home care agency to provide clients a safe and independent living in the comfort of their own homes and to provide their caregivers a freedom lifestyle.

    Becoming an in-home care business owners is very important to our family because we know and understand very well, the frustration, depression and loneliness a caregiver sometimes endure while caring for their love ones. We have witnessed our mom basically give up her own outside life when our stepdad ended up with TBI (traumatic brain injury) from an accident that happened in 2001, leaving him non-verbal and completely bedridden. He couldn’t be left home alone and didn’t qualify for any medical home care assistance, forcing her into early retirement, giving up family trips, vacations and outings. Just going to grocery stores and church became an issue. Taking him out of their home and placing him in a facility were never an option in her mind. Even with the struggle, she still cares for him today, 19 years later, in the comfort of their home, so we understand the struggles and the sacrifices. We understand the importance of wanting to stay in the comfort of your own home. We also understand the importance of safety, love and respect our clients need and deserves and the relief their caregiver’s desires and long for. We welcome and open our arms and hearts to you and your love ones to our family Divine Loving Angels Caregivers.